Mia’s Reflections is available. 

Mia’s Reflections children’s book is here.  Be sure to snag your free coloring pages, Mia paper doll and fashions, and other educational and fun activity pages by completing the form here.

Mia was born January 15, 2019! We are proud to announce that this book won awards before it was even released to the public! Reader’s Favorite awarded top honors and on Mia’s birth she garnered Best-Seller status on Amazon! Quite a coo when you realize that children’s books is one of the toughest categories to attain that level. At a solid #3 in her category, we are proud of our little girl.

If you were one of the lucky readers who obtained your book on Jan 15 or 16 please let us know. We have a special gift for you. If you missed out, you can still get your copy. We would love to read your thoughts about our new baby girl. Be sure to leave your review on Amazon, Goodreads, here, or at your favorite bookstore’s website.

Stay tuned for more from Mia as she makes her way around the globe with your help. Snap photos of her at various locations and share them on the Facebook page for all to see. Don’t have your Mia paper doll and fashions yet? Be sure to download them or let me know and I’ll send a link where you can get your starter doll and set of fashions, along with all the other fun activities.


Kindle Pre-Order Now Available

Watch for my birthday announcement coming soon. Journey with me as I develop in the mind and through the pen of author, Ginger Marks and her illustrator.

I am proud to announce mamma Ginger is having birthing pains! Join us on Amazon and get your Kindle edition of Mia’s Reflections now on Pre-Order status! Coming soon to print.




Ginger Marks is an entrepreneur and author who specializes in business design and publishing. Why take on a project that is so far afield of her norm? Because she has lived with this children’s book, it seems like, for a lifetime. So, when the challenge came from one of her mentors to write a children’s book Ginger took up the mantle and is now in the process of making her vision become a reality.


Impending Birth

I can hardly believe that my birthday is only a couple of weeks away! Yup, on January 15, 2019 you can finally get the print version of Mia’s Reflections. To celebrate on Jan 15 and 16 mom is giving away the Kindle version in both the fixed and reflowable layout. You won’t want to miss …


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