Five Days and Counting

As the day of birth draws near mom has been busy with the preparations. This week she designed a huge set of summer outfits that will be free as a bonus to all  who have purchased the book that day. If you just let us know by sending a quick email through the contact form Ginger will send you the link to download them all! But, on Jan 17 those same outfits will only be available for purchase. So, be sure to get your book and all the free stuff while you can.

Here’s just one of my favorites. You’ll find the rest of them shown in the store. Be sure to check them out.

Impending Birth

I can hardly believe that my birthday is only a couple of weeks away! Yup, on January 15, 2019 you can finally get the print version of Mia’s Reflections.

To celebrate on Jan 15 and 16 mom is giving away the Kindle version in both the fixed and reflowable layout. You won’t want to miss this chance to get your own copy and have gain access to all the wonderful extras that each copy comes with.


Turkey Day at Grandma’s House

Yesterday I spent the day with my mommy and her family in Avon Park, Florida. We had way too much food to eat! And, the desserts, well, we didn’t even put a dent in them.

Mom let me wear my holiday dress but I had to change into something more comfortable for our after dinner walk down to the lake. Grandma helped me change. Thanks Grandma, I love you too!

If you want to see all the photos from the day you’ll want to visit my Facebook page . Where did you take me? Be sure to share your photos too!

New fashions!

I have some terrific news. I have a whole new set of fashions to wear! Mom wanted to give me an early Christmas present, so she designed six new outfits for me to wear now and at all the upcoming Christmas parties and events.

If you already have your Mia paper doll all you need to do is go back to the download page you were sent when you first purchased Mia’s Reflections, (the book or Kindle). You’ll find the link there.

Do you not have yours yet? Be sure to visit Amazon and purchase your copy and then come back and send an email to mom and let her know you want your extra gifts with purchase.

Girls Day Out

Yesterday mom and I went shopping and to lunch with my Aunt Alyce. We went all over town and had a great time. Here’s some photos we took while we were out and about.

Do you have your Mia paper doll? If not you really should download your copy and dress me up. Where will you take me? I would love to see. Be sure to take a snap and share it on my Facebook page at

Sneak Peek Nov 1, 2019

Mia’s sonogram Nov 1, 2019

My first birthday is coming in early 2019. But, momma, Ginger Marks is having an ultrasound and the sonogram will be available on Kindle in two days! Yes, Nov 1, 2019 you can get your very own Kindle copy. Share the love, spread the word, and stay tuned. My birthday is fast approaching!

Mia’s Reflections Receives Reader’s Favorite 5 Stars

Mia’s Reflectionsby Ginger Marks is an attractive book with colourful illustrations. The theme is that of a young girl learning that looks are not everything; it is important and very appealing to be “nice on the inside” – to think of others, human and animal, and ways to help them. Ginger Marks tackles death in that Mia has been recently orphaned by a tragic car crash with the loss of all that is familiar. Mia is sent to live with her grandmother in a different area, which means she must attend a new school and she experiences fear; the fear of not being liked by the new people she meets. Her only constant friend is Leo, her cat. Mia’s Reflections demonstrates the way around all these problems.

Mia makes her first appearance sitting on the porch of her grandmother’s house with her cat, and she is very unhappy; she has lost her parents, and she must soon start going to a new school. She feels she is ugly, and thinks other students won’t like her for that reason. What I loved about Mia’s Reflections is the way the story is told through reflections in a mirror. Mia interacts with her grandmother who needs help with chores, her cat who’s being bullied, a toddler who almost runs into danger chasing his ball, a neighbour confined to a wheelchair, and even the memory of her mother. Ginger Marks has also included puzzles, lists of words to be assigned their parts of speech, and questions to prompt discussion. Mia’s Reflections is a marvellous book, especially for use in schools.

My New Fashions

I am so excited! Momma Ginger has designed six really cool outfits for me to choose from. So, I would say a fashion show is in order for all my friends and fans.

On my birth day momma is going to make them available for download to everyone.

Mia’s Wise-ism #1

While my mommy, Ginger Marks, is working hard to birth me I thought I would share a thought I had. All her hard work made me realize that you can do anything you want to do if you put in the effort to learn how to do it properly.


I just now finished the final resources items. Now there are lots of fun things to do. When you purchase a copy of Mia’s Reflections and send confirmation of your purchase to Ginger she’ll send you the link to the wonderful, fun activities we have planned for you.

You’ll find things like:

  1. Mia the paper doll & fashions

  2. Mia’s What’s the Difference Puzzle

  3. Mia’s Bingo

  4. Mia’s Cereal Box Schoolhouse

  5. and more.

Mia’s Reflections will be available early 2019! Check back often for more fun adventures and advice from Mia. And be sure to sign up for Mia’s e-Newsletter. We promise not to overwhelm you or give your precious contact information to third party sellers. We hate all that spam as much as you do … maybe more!