Oh so close!

You wouldn’t believe how hard Ginger is working to help me come to life! It’s like she’s on a mission!! For the past few weeks she’s been drawing and designing all kinds of fun stuff to share. Can you believe she’s actually created a coloring book, a Mia paper doll, and some really cute little outfits with matching shoes to go with them? I can’t wait for you to see all the cool stuff she’s been working so hard on.

Ginger got me my own ISBN (978-1-9378-0194-6) and will soon get my LCCN too. Those are the numbers that the government requires for books and the Library of Congress gives you so your book can be entered into their huge library.

It looks like I’ll be making my debut in early 2019! Keep checking back. It’s gunna be a fun launch party!


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